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On this page you will find a selection of our products. You can send an inquiry on one or several products and we will return with a non binding offer within 1 workday. If you are interested in a Straight Flush system , Contact us

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Pressure 6 bar
Nummer Produkt Antal Vægt  
260.260 SV valve Ø110 mm pcs. 3.3 Tilføj
260.262 SV valve Ø125 mm pcs. 4.15 Tilføj
260.265 SV valve Ø160 mm pcs. 6.07 Tilføj
260.270 SV valve Ø200 mm pcs. 13.5 Tilføj
260.275 SV valve Ø250 mm pcs. 22.3 Tilføj
260.280 SV valve Ø315 mm pcs. 33 Tilføj