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You are here: Straight Flush systems // Our Work Process
Straight Flush systems

Our Work Process


On this page you can read about our work process when you order a Straight Flush system.

Which information do we need from you?

Which type of animals/ pigs should we prepare the system for?
What kind of feed is used: liquid feeding/ dry feeding?
Description of the pigsty: eg. loose sows & expected use of straw?
Are the pig house(s) to be expanded?
Where should the slurry be lead? (location of the storage tank)
Is there any difference in hights of the pig houses? (to secure the system correctly)


A typical work process 

We receive a sketch or drawing from the customer
We evaluate the dimensions/ pipework in regards to functionality and the most economic solution
Our proposition is returned to the customer
When the offer is accepted and we receive an order we work out montage plans for the customer



Construction phase

Our Straight flush systems can be delivered in two ways:

Ready-to-assemble: T-pieces and fittings are mounted on pipes in modified lengths. The system is adjusted on the construction site.

Completed system: The pipe connections are adjusted to height/distances and glued on the pipes, so the system is ready for installation, when delivered on the construction site.


Please contact us for further information about our work process, or if you want to know more about our Straight Flush systems.