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You'll find us at J7354

You'll find us at 16H15


Because of Easter, we have closed from Thursday, March 29 through Monday, April 2.


For many years now we have managed to keep our prices the same. Unfortunately this is no longer possible.


The price of raw materials has increased in general, which has forced us to increase our prices.


The price rise is 3% and applies from 1 February 2018.


However, goods ordered by 16 February will remain at the old price.

The new pricelist will be able to download from the 19'th of February.


Marketed by Fog Agroteknik.

Space "Moonrise" project is a complete system for collecting and draining slurry with air duct for floor drainage.


The system is suitable for both new construction and renovations.


The system can be used with frequent emptying and is connected to the traditional "Straight flush" slurry system


The system can be connected to oxygen sensors for removal of more than 80% of NH3 in the exhaust air.


Click on the image for detailed description.