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About Fog Agroteknik

The history of Fog Agroteknik

In the 1970’s the founder of Fog Agroteknik, Elof Fog cooperated with the farmer Asbjørn Pedersen, on finding a way to sluice out slurry from pig houses.
In 1979 their efforts resulted in the creation of the Original Straight Flush system, which has been the main product in Fog Agroteknik ever since. Followingly, there has been ongoing changes to the system, due to the development of pig houses in general.
In the beginning of 1980’s Fog Agroteknik started exporting the Straight Flush system abroad and what started out as a small business, later became Fog Agroteknik’s primary source of income. Today the Straight Flush system is exported to more than 35 countries.
Accordingly, in the new millennium the group of owners expanded with Asbjørn Pedersen, who helped develop the Straight Flush system, and Peter Bredgaard who had been employed in Fog Agroteknik since 1985.
Fog Agroteknik’s head office is placed in Aabyhøj in Aarhus. Furthermore, the company has a stock and office in Lintrup in Southern Jutland- close to the farm where the Straight Flush system was created. Today Fog Agroteknik also has subsidiaries in both Poland and Russia.